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How to Install TVTAP APK Add on For Kodi

How to install TVTAP APK add on for Kodi is the question that arises in the mind of Kodi users. TVTAP is a wonderful Live Tv android application which is not available for other operating systems. In this situation, the question arises that how to use TvTap for another platform. Now here in this article, the user will able to get the detailed steps to install TVTAP APK add on for Kodi so that the user can enjoy live TV on Kodi.

How to Install TVTAP APK

TVTAP apk is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) that uses internet technologies to provide a seamless and reliable live tv to the user either on demand or the live programs. Here we are going to discuss How to Install TVTAP APK  for Kodi for the users who are looking for it.

This application can be used by a user anywhere, anytime and 24×7 without the need to pay for any channel and one more awesome thing about this application is that this application free to download. Android user can easily download TVTAP application for their devices. This application is only available for Android.

How to Install TVTAP APK Add on For Kodi

What is Kodi?

Now the question arises what is Kodi and How to Install TVTAP APK. it is an open source media player software platform which is available free of cost. The service of Kodi was available since 2002 at that time it was known Xbox Media Player and in 2014 developers names it as Kodi.

Here in the upcoming paragraph, we will provide the user with the steps on how to install TVTAP add on for Kodi so that it becomes convenient for the user to install add on Kodi and enjoy a never-ending enjoyment of live TV on Kodi.

How to Install TVTAP APK Add on For Kodi

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Steps to Install TvTap Add on for Kodi

TVTAP is said to be one of the best android application available in the market for Live Tv using internet technologies. Kodi works on all major operating system and provides wonderful video and music content. Here we are going to discuss some easy and simple steps to download TvTap Add on for Kodi.

  • At first instance, the users are required to install Kodi on their respective devices such as for windows, android or ios.
  • After installing the application user are required to open the Kodi application in their devices for Installing TVTAP APK Add on.
  • As and when you open Kodi, the home screen of Kodi will appear on your device
  • Now users are required to click on the Add-ons button appearing on left-hand side of your screen.
  • After clicking on Add-ons button click on setting icon appearing on the top left side of your screen and enable unknown sources to provide the permission to install add-on from unknown sources. Enabling this option is necessary to allow a third-party application to be installed on Kodi platform.
  • Now the user is required to press back button and to come on the home screen of Kodi then press Setting icon and open file manager icon appearing in the setting menu.
  • As and when you will click on a list will appear on your screen, just at bottom of the list you will see Add Source button.
  • As and when you click on Add Source button a dialog box will appear on your screen as shown below
  • The user is required to click on < none> appearing on the dialog box and type and enter the name of media source as blisstvlive and then press the ok button.
  • Once the user has completed this step come back on home screen open add-ons button and then click on the button appearing on the top left side of your screen with this icon.
  • After the user had clicked a list will appear on the screen and the user is required to choose Install from the zip file, choose blisstvlive and click on repository file inside the blisstvlive folder.
  • As and when the user had clicked on repository file user will be redirected to a page where the user will see a set of folders.
  • Now click on the install from repository folder & after that, a new list of folders will appear, in that list click on Bookmark Lite then click on Video add-ons in next list of the folder.
  • And here in this list, you will see TVTAP in the list.
  • Now just click and install the TVTAP, it will take some amount of time to install the application on Kodi just wait for the application to be installed
  • As and when the application will complete its installation the user will see a notification inside the application
  • Now can enjoy TVTAP on Kodi to enjoy a non-stopping entertainment of live TV.

Above given steps for How to Install TVTAP APK seem to be so long to follow by just looking at them but it’s not the case. Thank you for reading our article, hope you have understood the process clearly. If you have any doubt regarding How to Install TVTAP APK Add on Kodi then feel please feel free to ask us we will be happy to help you.

With these steps, the user can install the TVTAP add on for Kodi but the user has to follow these steps in the given sequence and to read them carefully, random reading of any step will create confusion in your mind and will lead to failure of installing the application on Kodi.

Please mention your query in the comment section; we will try to reach out to you in the least possible time and with a best possible solution to your problem. You can also bookmark our website by pressing CTRL+D from your keyboard to receive latest apk related information. We will try to keep you update with latest technology related information.

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